Hi all;

I thought, if I could do something about the lack of being able to 
position the cursor in the MDI box with anything but the mouse or the 
backspace key when the cursor is in the box, or that when using the 
uparrow to select a command from the history list, and have focus in the 
MDI box as opposed to haveing to move the focus from the history window 
to the MDI box by the mouse click.  This does not work anything like the 
x86 versions of LinuxCNC.

Because the box and font used in the MDI editing is so small, its very 
difficult to position the cursor for an edit without the left and right 
arrow functions. LinuxCNC/Axis is the only place I have encountered 
this, for nano and geany, they Just Work(TM).

Using locate on the x86 machines, I find an mdi.py file or 10, but many 
are for touchy or gscreen.  And all are in subdirs of the python 

So where in the install, somebody mentioned vi as the editor, and if so, 
where might I find its rc file so that this might be corrected?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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