On Thursday 10 August 2017 17:17:18 andy pugh wrote:

> On 10 August 2017 at 16:49, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> wrote:
> > I thought, if I could do something about the lack of being able to
> > position the cursor in the MDI box with anything but the mouse or
> > the backspace key when the cursor is in the box, or that when using
> > the uparrow to select a command from the history list, and have
> > focus in the MDI box as opposed to haveing to move the focus from
> > the history window to the MDI box by the mouse click.  This does not
> > work anything like the x86 versions of LinuxCNC.
> I have tested with x86 with both the 2.6 release and current master
> and as far as I can tell the arrow keys have _never_ moved the cursor
> left and right in the MDI window.

I just checked all 3 of my x86 boxes, works perfectly.  Subtle keyboard 
diffs? Keyboard selection on the pi is easy but its database of 
keyboards is old, no logitech k-360 to be found. On any of the x86 boxes 
either, so one picks one that works.  I'll see if whats selected for the 
x86 boxes is available on the pi. All 4 are using the k-360 keyboards.

Thanks for checking.  Your current master s/b working as thats what I'm 
running everywhere.  u-space difference? No, it works in the sim-axis 
here too.  So its only the pi that fails.

Shuteye time, thanks Andy

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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