Hello all,


I've got an inquiry with the UK government Vehicle Certification Agency
(VCA) regarding EMC testing of automotive components but they are taking an
age to respond. Does anyone here have any experience with EMC type approval
of auto components? The questions I asked were:


1.      In this document -
pe-approval/vca004.pdf - section 2.2 discusses "System or Component"
approval. Do OEM spare parts fall into this scope?
2.      Looking at the flowchart in -
ponent-type-approval/vca045.pdf - I can see that some components do not fall
under the 'immunity related' category. 

a.      When testing non 'immunity related' parts, does this testing need to
take place at a VCA accredited facility or to be VCA witnessed?
b.      When this document quotes the R&TTE directive, am I correct in
assuming that it actually should now refer to the Radio Equipment Directive
since the R&TTE has been repealed?


I appreciate this is a bit of a niche question but I've always been
surprised at the breadth of knowledge in this forum!


Many thanks





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