An engineer and a lawyer argued about whose was the oldest profession. 'The creation of the Universe itself was obviously an engineering task', said the engineer. 'Before that there was only chaos'. 'Who do you think created the chaos?' said the lawyer.

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On 2018-05-17 20:41, Schmidt, Mark wrote:
Re: [PSES] Customer Requests for Risk Assessments

Commentary as well,

If the customer is a contractual partner or OEM I would typically share reports and such the contractual agreement between the two parties identify responsibility/liability and corporate lawyers involved. I believe the user manual is adequate for all other customers. Being the professional people we are the user manual will typically define the hazards adequately for the end user. So if one of your customers employee uses or abuses the instrument in any other manner outside the scope of its intended use (defined in the user manual) then they are responsible for their employees misuse and not your company. I know you make some pretty niche market stuff so if it were me I would hold my ground and not produce the RA. Your EN12100 and User manual is sufficient.

It continues to amaze me as I grow old, how people in the corporate world have nothing better to do with their time but to create chaos. Making corporate life difficult and sometimes meaningless. There was a time where Company A produced and sold a product and Company B said wow what a great product. The end.


Mark Schmidt

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