Hello, I'd like to have all options fleshed out prior to committing to a 
fairly expensive quote for full FCC & ISED re-test and re-register our level 2 
EV Charging unit for residential applications, which already has FCC and ISED 
registration numbers.   If we choose the option of not refreshing the 
registration for our current FCC / ISED, only completing the testing & 
reportage for Subpart C and spurious emissions in order to realize substantial 
savings, then we'd have to start a new FCC registration.  About how long is the 
process to get a new FCC and ISED registration, after all the testing and 
reports are complete? BackgroundWe have a quote for the full set of EMC testing 
to refresh our FCC and ISED registrations, based on several board changes.  In 
order to maintain our FCC registration, time has come for re-test and we've 
scoped out full Subpart B and Subpart C testing for BLE, BT classic and 802.11, 
even though our chip has it's own FCC ID.  We completed a Self-Declaration 
(SDoC) process for some minor changes completed in early summer, but the 
component changes continued so it's time to re-test and re-register.   The main 
circuits and WiFi chip implementation have not changed. Thanks,Colorado Brian

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