On 16 April 2016 at 22:59, Greg Bentzinger <skullwo...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just because you got away with bad habits when using Mach 3 is no excuse not 
> to learn proper methods.

If this machine uses collets and has no way to achieve a reproducible
tool height then I think that making every tool a separate program
_is_ the right way. Given that LinuxCNC has no jog / probe / touch-off
when paused facility built-in.

I _do_ have a proper spindle and lots of holders and I _still_ find
that one program per tool is often the best way to go if making
one-offs (as this machine almost certainly will be doing).

"A motorcycle is a bicycle with a pandemonium attachment and is
designed for the especial use of mechanical geniuses, daredevils and
— George Fitch, Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, 1916

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