On Sunday 18 September 2016 18:21:08 Chris Albertson wrote:

> What you are looking for is a function that can smoothly transform
> from a line to an arc while always passing through to given points?  
> An eclipse could do that as its eccentricity changes.  The problem is
> the amount of computation required.
> Cheaper to draw both the final and starting lines and take a weighted
> average.  Keep moving how much weight to give to each line.  Still a
> lot of computation but it's easier and after all we do all have
> computers.
> But what most do is cut at the final line in increasing waterline
> depth, then make a final finishing cut to remove the last .0005  That
> is what most CAM software would do.

What I wound up doing was to draw the curve I wanted, then rigged an 
x_offset, which was then decremented per pass. I did cheat a smallish 
amount on the radii, subtracting 1 mm from it per pass, but I was 
trapped between the offset, and the max x limit, so it wasn't ideal, but 
usable.  But in attempting to get past the middle of the 1st pass, I 
broke the last of the chips that came with a set of tools I had bought 
from Anytime Tools on ebay, so I was forced to continue with a smaller 
tool by Glanze. With a fresh Sumitomo chip in it, it made more cast iron 
sand than 2 full chips that came with the anytime kit.  The anytime 
tool's chip fit was always bound between the screw and the back of the 
ledge of the tool, so I can see why they were lower priced than most. 
Obviously I won't buy any more of those.

But its been raining here, a slow drizzle since about 16:00, and when I 
was done (the job isn't, yet) for the evening I left a 26 watt ccfl lamp 
in a reflector clipped to the toolpost shining on it from about 3", and 
the spindle turning about 50 rpm.  Hopefully it won't rust overnight, 
but the humidity was 94% in the shop when I killed the main lights. The 
fan in the back wall comes on at about 60% RH, so air will circulate all 
night unless it suddenly dry's up.  Thats not in the forecast...

I haven't reduced its height to match the compounds height yet, thats 
tomorrow except I need to get our Toy over to the Toy shop and take care 
of a stack of recalls plus pull the left rear wheel, and do whatever to 
unstick a stuck caliper. When I found the source of the noise, I took my 
cane and hit the caliper with the end of the stick and its not been 
heard from since.  Bolts rusty I guess. 9 years old, 60 k miles, to be 
expected I think. 2007 Rav4.

Thanks Chris.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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