Greetings all;

Do any of you know of a pulley maker that can supply a large hub in in a 
40 tooth pulley that is also more than an inch wide at the hub?

I find that to align a belt on the X drive, that I have to find a pulley 
with an 8mm bore, but around 2" wide at the hub, because I am going to 
have to bore it away under the belt to allow it to sit on the X drive 
shaft with an offset of at east an inch so that it can be aligned with 
the pulley on the motor.

I just went thru 18 pages of ebay without finding a pulley with a hub 
wider than 1".

So its either a looooong hub, or I make the adaptor, which means the 
pulley will need bored out to at least 1.375" in diameter in order to 
fit over the adapter's outer cylinder, perhaps all the way thru.  Maybe 
even make a flange on the adapter that a thin webbed pulley might be 
bolted to.  Obviously I don't relish that idea. Doable, yes. A time 
sink, double yes.

I did see ebay had some 2/1 and 3/1 step drives that might give that much 
axial offset, but they were for wider belts and even a 2/1 would impinge 
on the gear ratio, possible messing with the performance of a G76's end 
of stroke retraction.

I'm not terribly interested in dealing with that one custom pulley maker, 
having been quoted $272 for the metal version of the plastic one I can 
get from LMS for $4.50 + ship.

So if anyone knows of other alternatives, I'm all eyeballs.

Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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