On Wednesday 21 September 2016 17:16:39 andy pugh wrote:

> > I have zero clue what has occurred, but the ini file for my G0704
> > seems to have reverted somehow to a mid July date.
> >
> > Maybe you just picked a different config?

No. I did fix it, I wound up renaming the backup directory in that 
configname so it didn't match the configname, restarted LCNC, and it was 
then converted without a single hiccup that I know of.  And it has since 
carved me a new insert for my Rikon 10-325 bandsaws table. I've a bit of 
lathe work to do on it yet as its sitting about 5 thou high. But I 
should be able to safely use it as a precision hacksaw sometime 

Thanks Andy.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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