Greetings all;

Whittling out the hose nipples for the bellows on the Z screw yesterday, 
I got the one for the sides of the Z nut done, then note that the 
crossfeed had move inward far enough to crush and destroy what little 
swarf shielding I had over the x screw, so its sounding like a kettle of 
Orville R's popcorn now. I'll see if I can clean it up one more time, 
but I've made sliding brass with felt seals shielding arrangements until 
I'm tired of destroying them.  And used up all my flat brass in the 

I like the idea of wrapping it in a bellows, but I've now looked thru 55 
pages of ebay hits without finding a suitable part. So I'll try to clean 
it up, and see if I can locate an innertube I can cut a piece of and 
just cover the whole rear of the carriage with, letting it buckle as it 

I am about done with this machine, as I noted as I was dialing in one of 
these nipples yesterday, that the spindle has random jumps sideways of 3 
thou or so, and can hear the thump when it moves. I suppose the bearings 
are going because I cannot shake it back and forth, nor can I feel any 
drag when turning it by hand with the backgear in neutral.

But I have to get the Sheldon working first. The sheet of innertube 
rubber will only work if I move the carriages cable chain fixed anchor 
to the right so the rubber can slide thru the loop.  That s/b easily 
enough done as then the carriage end anchor of the cable chain will 
clear the rubber and just slide under it.

This thing is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it will 
feel SO good when you stop.

And, I'll have a better computer to drive the Sheldon with.  What I'm 
going to start out using is a single core P4 running at boil your coffee 
speeds. 5i25 to the rescue...

Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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