Greetings everybody;

I just spent over an hour, trolling the net looking for a decent copy of 
the footprint for one of those 2505 nut mounts, because I need to carve 
up a spacer pad to put under it, 16.5 mm's thick.

I measured the length and width of the one I bought as being 35mm wide 
and 60mm's long.  But when I finally find a printable, readable copy of 
a 2505 mounts footprint, from DSG, they show it as being 40mm's wide, 
and 66m's long.

I have real serious doubts my new last week 6" all modes digital caliper 
is that far off. I'll see if the bolt pattern is also different 
tomorrow.  This chart says the pattern for the 6mm bolts is 24mm's wide 
and 50mm's long.

Or, ugly thought, revoltin development even, is there more than 
one "standard" mount for a 2505 nut?


Results of testing the bellows, done with a battery drill on the screw, 
moving the nut about 3 meters a minute, do not seem to indicate a 
problem with the air passages I made around the nut, it marches right 
along with the biggest effect appearing to be a twist moment from the 
wire re-enforcing in the bellows. So I am losing interest in 
pressurizing it, but may install a venting system in one end with some 
silica gel the air, if any, will have to pass over/thru.  And with the 
length of the screw, they are not restricting the saddles motion as I 
still get 37 to 38" end to end.  What would be neat, but not terribly 
practical, would be to cut into the nut mount, and force the air as it 
moves back and forth, thru a silica gel cartridge like I use with my air 
brush. But there's no room for such gingerbread in there.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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