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> Greetings everybody;
> I just spent over an hour, trolling the net looking for a decent copy of
> the footprint for one of those 2505 nut mounts, because I need to carve
> up a spacer pad to put under it, 16.5 mm's thick.
> I measured the length and width of the one I bought as being 35mm wide
> and 60mm's long.  But when I finally find a printable, readable copy of
> a 2505 mounts footprint, from DSG, they show it as being 40mm's wide,
> and 66m's long.
> I have real serious doubts my new last week 6" all modes digital caliper
> is that far off. I'll see if the bolt pattern is also different
> tomorrow.  This chart says the pattern for the 6mm bolts is 24mm's wide
> and 50mm's long.
> Or, ugly thought, revoltin development even, is there more than
> one "standard" mount for a 2505 nut?
> =================================
Hi Gene

There is no 'standard' for ballscrews or ballnuts. I would say the
dimensions are 'manufacturer specific', and then the cheaper brands will
simply use other brands as a reference, as in copying SKF.

However, I quickly looked up Hiwin
ballnuts, and on pg41 I see a 35mm x 60 long version. I hope this helps.

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