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> In general, a strain-gauge probe has a strain-gauge
> amplifier followed by an adjustable comparator
> output that says when strain (from contact) is
> "absent" or "present".

I know lots about strain gauges, I have used them extensively in previous jobs.
The fun thing here is that the probe head has only two contacts (a
screw with a gold-plated cone in the middle).
I am starting to wonder if it is working on a protocol like one-wire.
The head contains LEDs, and I don't know what else. There is automatic
nulling but that might be in the interface unit.

> What is really needed to fix that is gold-plated
> (maybe gold over nickel over copper?) balls and
> bars, but it's hard for DIYers to do that,

Have you considered tungsten carbide? (yes, it does conduct)

> Let's talk more about strain gauge probe design after
> you get to know your TP200 a little better.

Well, so far I have concluded that it is the thing least likely to
come apart easily that I have considered taking apart....

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