Gene, just expanded to dual par ports, and am eliminating optos from my
stepper drives with a direct via db25 Bob . My drive is +-10 and I do have
a Chinese opto'd bob that has a pwm , but it is not bi-directional . And I
don't really want to put a flip flop relay in the output , so I'm still
rather trying to solve this puzzle. I just tried the mesa site for that
spinx 1 card and it appears the site is down, or my internet here in East
bfe Ozarks could be causing issues as we are one of only 5 houses on this
road out here. I will likely go to an fpga board when I get ready to do
servos. I am also going to get some of those omron encoders as I would like
to Ridgid tap with this machine eventually
. I  am nearing completion of a bunch of retrofit upgrades since I cabbaged
this old knee mill to CNC 5 years ago . It's been a bit of a road after
some surgeries, a new wife and baby the last year or two but I'm finally
seeing this thing near fully functional and I want to put a fourth axis and
lathe spindle on this machine as well. I'm trying to get it all together
with what I have on hand to get it all under cnc control.

I have been paying attention to your ramblings on the old Sheldon and the
pi retrofit and find it quite interesting. And have considered making a go
of the pi on my next machine. But I'm trying to get this one to make a few
I also found a couple threads on the forum about rs485 but I haven't
concluded if that was pwm or serial data and the night is almost long so I
will dig deeper after the sun comes up.
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