Doubtfull, if the interface is wired so the + terminals are connected to
the 5 volt buss, and a logic zero at the output then becomes the on
signal, tied to the 4060's - terminals. It will likely run just fine on
faster signals. The diff is that if the logic signal is tied to the +
terminal, the pullup from the interface to turn on the opto's in the
4060, isn't near as strong as the logic zero sinking ability. I have a
variety of drivers, and none of them are running as slow as the choices
in stepconfig. Set the polarity of the signals in the hal file so that
the step signals are negative for a logic one. You may want to check
that with a real scope.
 Invert pins to sink instead of source , more current handling ability.
Run the other script in terminal, for 30 minutes copy report, paste here .
Will do , that will take a bit of fanagalling as no internet at the shop ,
so be patient ( should have tomorrow evening or so ) , you said run
something, can I run linuxcnc?
 I believe the on board video is Intel , don't Know if 915 . It gives the
same rtapi error regardless of video used.
The old motherboard ate ram at a pretty decent rate I figured the caps were
bad and a reconditioned Mobo was less than the caps , I figured the Mobo
would help the rtapi , no such luck. I about have this y ballscrew
contained , still not the final revision but it will be better than before
, and I will get to use in stock screws so that's a plus.
Also is there a tutorial on smi ? Perhaps YouTube? I will myself but I have
been puzzled about this and isolcpus , it's kinda my understanding that
those were for previous versions of rtai .
Thank you for your time Gene .
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