Hi guys;

I find, at least for the remainder of this project, that I need some sort 
of a depth stop to reliable reposition the 4mm tap I'm useing, currently 
in a 3/16" R8 collet. A collar on the tap would work but I've not been 
able to locate a suitable one. I've got the tap in a glob of g02 with 
the r8 tightened on it, but the 3/16 R8 will likely spring it loose as 
theres quite a bit of collapse by the time Its got a good enough grip on 
the tap.

Anybody else have a better idea for a depth stop?

And looking around for another 3.3mm tap drill, which is 
0.129921259842519685", its apparent that the next drill down is a 1/8", 
and the tap will tolerate that .004 undersize ok in brass.  But I found 
some 3.3mm's over in Andy's stomping grounds on ebay, in 10 packs, and 
here about 2 weeks faster than the Chinese versions, but fleabay has 
been playing with their card processing (again), giveing no opportunity 
to adjust the number of 10 packs, so I only have 1 pack of 10 coming. I 
sent ebay a mild nastygram because I really wanted 2 packs to save a few 
cents on postage.

That teeny little 8mm square butt on the drawbolt is a PITA, too small to 
easily spin with fingers after its been loosened with that watch makers 
sized wrench, but I just found a 5/16" 8 point socket on a 1/4" adapter 
in an 18 volt sorta hammer drill works, and if I can get the tap depth 
fixed, then I can series all three operations into one file with tool 
changes between them. With the drill to run the drawbolt, that ought to 
triple the production speed for these things.

If anyone ever designs a tool changer for a G0704 that doesn't impinge on 
its working envelop, plz advise.

What I've done so far looks good. I'd go on and actually mount this tap 
in the first one, but I'd likely loose the current home+touch-off 
offsets of the current setup. Or maybe I could setup the next 2 or 3 
coordinate maps?  Thats a thought... mumble mumble...

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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