On Thursday 17 May 2018 12:13:02 andy pugh wrote:

> On 17 May 2018 at 17:05, Jon Elson <el...@pico-systems.com> wrote:
> > So, a component needs to set the encoder-index to true, and then
> > watch for it to go false.  When it sees the encoder-index go false,
> > if does the subtraction and stores the difference in a net.  It then
> > turns the index-enable back to true.
> I think that needs three states.
> The software encoder has "latch" inputs and outputs, possibly for this
> purpose (they exist but the docs say nothing:
> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/man/man9/encoder.9.html
> The Mesa encoder goes one step further, the latch inputs and outputs
> are created but not even documented:
> https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/blob/master/src/hal/drivers/mesa-

I see that Andy, but some docs sure would be nice.  I've seen those 
scroll by in the halmeter menu, but its all outputs are 0, inputs false 
by default, and of course untouched by any of my configs.

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