Greetings all;

I tore the new conact probe apart today to see if I could get a better 
switching action out of it, polishing the oxide off both faces of its 
single contact. Looks like its working well although I had to turn the 
spacing down about 2 thou to make the led on a CiG rev 4 bob, the high 
priced version with all them purty leds to show you what its doing. The 
led goes on and off like it should now and while its been tried on all 5 
inputs of that C1G, halmeter isn't showing the state change.

But it all worked just fine yesterday. But today all 5 inputs are blind, 
except all 5 leds tally my connections, while the corresponding 
hm2_5i25.0.gpio.033 in or in_not are stuck.  That 25 pin cable was made 
new last Monday.  Other than cable, what else can go wring that takes 
out all 5 inputs in one swell foop? 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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