Pine64 says Rock64 available LTS until 2022. So, the RockPro64 hasn’t replaced 
it, just supplemented it. Even
the A64+ that I bought is still available, although there is an upgraded A64+ 
LTS available for $3 more, so why would you buy it. I still like the feature 
set of the RockPro64, I am just not sure I can find a working preempt_rt kernel 
for it.


> From: Gene Heskett <>
> Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Mali Drivers are Open Source Now
> Date: March 9, 2019 at 4:05:07 PM PST
> To:
> On Saturday 09 March 2019 15:45:57 bari wrote:
>> This is good news if you want a totally open source system using many
>> of the Allwinner or Rockchop multicore ARM SOC's for Linuxcnc.
>> Needs no funny binary blob like the Rpi for boot ot GPU.
>> -Bari
> Typical, too little, too late. The rock64 is probably sold out 6 months 
> ago, and the rockchip-pro has replaced it. But haveing bought the 
> rochchip koolaid, I'll not waste any more $ until they are willing to 
> release some of the build tools.  But so far, those have been top secret 
> and apparently proprietary, questions ignored, so I've not been able to 
> do anything with what acts like a fine & 20x speedier rpi3, with 4GB of 
> ram for 10 bucks more than the rpi kit.  So now its me with the wait and 
> see attitude.
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