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> Gene,
> Rotary convention is whatever you want on your machine.
> To match what a CAD system shows you would rotate the geometry
> positive by moving in the counter clockwise direction when you view
> from the X, Y, or Z directions. When you look at the Cartesian
> coordinate plane laying on your desk, you assume the X axis is
> pointing to your right, the Y axis is pointing away from you and the Z
> axis is pointing up. Generally, a positive rotation moves the geometry
> in a ccw direction.
>   The normal convention also assigns the label of the rotary tables as
> follows - A axis rotates around the X axis - B axis rotates around the
> Y axis and the C axis rotates around the Z axis.
>   If you mount the rotary table on the left (X negative) end of the XY
> table (as an A axis) then a positive rotation of the rotary table
> would result in the top of the table moving toward you.
>   An A axis that carries the tool would rotate the top away from you.
> This would be the result the top of the geometry moving toward you but
> since the rotary table is carrying the tool the top of the tool should
> move away from you.
>   All of this is 100% arbitrary. The only requirement is the program
> numbers and signs match the motion of the machine. Make it comfortable
> for you and then do it with no apologies to anyone.
>   Almost every machine control can set the rotation however the shop
> wants. All the labels are just that labels. You can label any axis
> whatever you want. The axis Peaches can rotate around the Rutabaga
> axis for all the machine cares.
> Regards
> Stuart
Chuckle, nice way of putting it, and I don't have to reverse anything. 
One thing seems for sure, and thats the speed of this belt drive thing, 
the g0 speed is above 21000 degrees a minute.  That also means its a bit 
soft, with cutting forces moving it a bit. But now I need a cbn wheel to 
shape lathe tools with a gentle touch.

Thanks Stuart. 
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