Rotary convention is whatever you want on your machine.
To match what a CAD system shows you would rotate the geometry positive by
moving in the counter clockwise direction when you view from the X, Y, or Z
directions. When you look at the Cartesian coordinate plane laying on your
desk, you assume the X axis is pointing to your right, the Y axis is
pointing away from you and the Z axis is pointing up. Generally, a positive
rotation moves the geometry in a ccw direction.
  The normal convention also assigns the label of the rotary tables as
follows - A axis rotates around the X axis - B axis rotates around the Y
axis and the C axis rotates around the Z axis.
  If you mount the rotary table on the left (X negative) end of the XY
table (as an A axis) then a positive rotation of the rotary table would
result in the top of the table moving toward you.
  An A axis that carries the tool would rotate the top away from you. This
would be the result the top of the geometry moving toward you but since the
rotary table is carrying the tool the top of the tool should move away from
  All of this is 100% arbitrary. The only requirement is the program
numbers and signs match the motion of the machine. Make it comfortable for
you and then do it with no apologies to anyone.
  Almost every machine control can set the rotation however the shop wants.
  All the labels are just that labels. You can label any axis whatever you
want. The axis Peaches can rotate around the Rutabaga axis for all the
machine cares.


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