I have a servo motor acquisition problem, I tend to buy servo motors
from eBay just because they are cheap.
A recent (ish) acquisition was an NSK Megatorque (RS1010, which means
10" dia and 10" long)
This is rated at 147Nm (108 lb f) torque and for an axial load of
9500N (2100lbf) so is quite a beast.
Currently I am using it as a glorified protractor to calibrate a Faro arm. :-)
It has a very high-count encoder, thought he serial terminal connected
to the drive only reports angle to 0.01 degrees.

The motor is an odd shape, the output flange is a ring, and there is a
static tube inside that. Looking around on the web I found:
Which rather explains the odd shape. It seems to be a motor with two
sets of coils.

There is a toothed rotor rather like a stepper motor, with a toothed
inner stator.

Is this a variable reluctance motor? Do the outer magnets simply
magnetise the rotor, or would there be more teeth on the outside?

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designed for the especial use of mechanical geniuses, daredevils and
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