On 04/09/2019 08:40 AM, Roland Jollivet wrote:

This would be very useful. I have about 12 Yaskawa motors and drives on 2
robots that I could make use of if I could make the absolute encoder data
readable in Linuxcnc..


Hi Rudy

I have recently acquired a number of motors and one robot. A bit battered.
But I only have a few of the servo drives loose, SGDR-SDA140A01BY22 and
SGDR-SDA060A018. No controller box.

Do you have detailed info on driving these servos? I see that that are
essentially dumb devices, an H-bridge brick and a number of opto isolaters.
It probably isn't too difficult to buzz them out, but all info would be

Are you sure they are "dumb" drives? These appear to be servo-pack drives. I worked with some a long time ago, from an earlier series. The encoder is proprietary, the AB are normal, but the C track looks like the AB, but apparently has a phase shift that tells you what quadrant you are in. The drives internally convert the encoder to standard ABZ quadrature with index, to send to the controller. There should be a serial interface (can be hooked to RS-232 or RS-485) to a PC, and use Yaskawa's configuration program. Early drives were positioning only or speed only, later drives could do either via configuration. I set up a SGDP drive to run in both analog +/- 10 V mode and step/direction mode through the utility.


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