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> Here are two images. One off the net, and the other is an inside view. I
> haven't cleaned the boards yet............
> There is a brick mounted on the heatsink, bottom left, and both boards have
> no uP, unless there's one inside the brick, which I doubt..
> https://ibb.co/3hWYbzg
> https://ibb.co/GxFWfZX
> So presumably this unit just drives the H bridge and the intelligence is in
> another module called the 'converter', which I don't have.
> Roland

The encoder connector appears to be fairly standard.  There are lots of cables 
with those connectors available from Aliexpress.   But as yet I haven't been 
able to find a source for the PC board version.  If anyone knows where to find 
one please let me know.

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