Greetings all;

I am still a bit disappointed in how this mister works, taking too much 
air, and using too much fluid. I have a pressure regulator in front of 
the electric air valve, but reducing the pressure makes it slobber 

I just yesterday received a tiny centrifical pump that runs on 12 volts 
and am thinking of using it for fluid pressure as opposed to a feed line 
from the mister to pressurize the coke bottle. But unless I mount the 
pump below the coke bottle, so that once primed it will not drain 
totally back and loose its prime, it will not self prime but will need a 
pulse of air to the bottle long enough to force a prime. Hanging the 
pump to the bottom of the little shelf to support the bottle on the 
gantry's left riser should solve that problem. Then it occurs to me that 
I could use a pwm module to control the speed of the pump which should 
allow me to throttle the fluid usage even without that 16 feet of .027" 
bore capillary tube in series with the misters fluid feed.

Has anyone done something similar?

Suitable flywheel diodes assumed of coarse, and an external power driver 
for the pump, with its power switched by one on the 4 poles of the same 
relay running the air valve.


I finally found the magic combo yesterday to almost make that new no-name 
clone of a Haun Yang vfd work. Except for a much needed torque boost at 
lower speeds as it isn't hitting the motor with near enough low speed 
current. But in thinking about the hack-a-day tool changer, and its 200 
millisecond run of the spindle motor to spin the nut on and off, it 
sounds like I'll need to leave the speed signal active and gate the 
fwd/rev to run the spindle with that quick a response. Should be a fun 
project. The thing has a PID in it that is not at all stable below about 
an 8k rev request, but I've not played with it yet so see if it can be 
stabilized, and I've not found where to setup the torque boost curve. I 
left it running at 8k revs requested for about 3 hours, ran the coolant 
up about 10C, so thats not going to be a huge problem.

Progress, sorta. :)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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