>>  If I leave it unconnected 
>> I don't have any problems when homing.
>Ahh thats a bug in index handling so I guess you will need to leave
>the PIDs command-deriv unconnected until that is fixed.
>I really really wish that index handling did not cause a joint position
>this is just plain wrong and hatches a nest of ugly patch-arounds.
> (though maybe needed for broken encoder hardware that clears its count on

I am seeing this on one of my axis, after upgrading from 2.5 to master.  

It moves to the home switch, turns around to find the encoder index pulse,
and after it finds the index, it faults with a following error - this only
happens when I start Linuxcnc, ie when machine home isn't known.  If I home
all again, it works fine.

This only happens on my regular axis, the other 2 are gantry pairs, which
don't fault.

I had FF1 set and command-deriv unconnected and it faults.  Setting all FF
settings to 0 still faults.  If I connect the encoder velocity (from 5i20)
to command-deriv - it faults when I jog - the velocity coming out of the pin
is very noisy.

Is this the same problem?

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