On 17.05.2018 19:27, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:
A correct implementation would collate by 'info-albumartistsort (or
'info-artistsort) and display 'info-albumartist.

I'm not sure to understand what you mean with this.  Can you give a
concrete example?

It means that artists are collated (sorted) based on different strings than the displayed ones.

Probably the simplest cases are personal names. Here is an excerpt from my alphabetically sorted artist list in cmus (https://cmus.github.io/). These artists are filed under letter K:

  J. Karjalainen
  J. Karjalainen yhtyeineen
  Mark Knopfler
  Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
  Kraak & Smaak
  Axel Krygier

Note that all lines do not start with letter K -- these are names of actual persons (Karjalainen, Knopfler, Krygier).

The same list in EMMS Browser looks like this when preferring 'albumartistsort in emms-browser-get-track-field-albumartist:

  Karjalainen, J.
  Karjalainen, J., yhtyeineen
  Knopfler, Mark
  Knopfler, Mark and Harris, Emmylou
  Kraak & Smaak
  Krygier, Axel

Note that here every line starts with letter K, and the list is in alphabetical order. And this order is exactly the same as in the previous list. Actual personal names have been replaced by "last name, first name" -- this gives the correct alphabetical order.

So cmus alphabetically sorts artists on their albumartistsort tag, but displays albumartist instead of albumartistsort.

If I use albumartist in EMMS, then eg. Mark Knopfler will be filed under letter M (Mark) instead of K (Knopfler):

  Mano Negra
  Manu Chao
  Mark Knopfler
  Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
  Marko Haavisto ja Poutahaukat
  Mark Shreeve

(Most of the above would be sorted to a different position when using albumartistsort, because "Manu Chao" is actually "Chao, Manu"; "Mark Shreeve" is "Shreeve, Mark", and so on -- these are again personal names.)

Now one can argue whether it is really necessary to implement such elaborate logic. albumartistsort mimics the way things have been traditionally organized eg. in libraries: if you go and search for Mark Knopfler in a library's music department, you have to look under K, not M. But, on the other hand, albumartist is how people call these artists.

Personally I'm comfortable with both albumartist and albumartistsort. Most of the time I'll do simple i-search on browser anyway.

As for other players, at least Cmus and Rhythmbox implement albumartistsort collation but display albumartist.

Hope this clarifies things.

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