Petteri Hintsanen <> writes:

> Pierre Neidhardt <> writes:
>> Wow, it's more like 2 tracks per second here on my machine :(
>> Am I doing something wrong?
> Probably not.  My "estimate" was really just a guess.
>> Is there any drawback in using MPD?  I actually wonder if MPD shouldn't
>> be the natural backend for EMMS.  Re-implementing caching and metadata
>> extraction seems like re-inventing the wheel.
> No.  I have used MPD on some machines, it works well.  But the version I
> ran did not recognize albumartist etc.  Recent versions do, however.
> I wouldn't dare to call any backend "natural", as I would expect users
> to have wildly different setups.  They are emacs users, after all...
> Also, MPD takes more effort to set up properly.

My latest fix for later-do dramatacally improves info query
performance.  Default should be around 40 tracks per second (this is
Considering this, it makes MPD far less necessary for Emms.

Pierre Neidhardt

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