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Hello List,
Many hanks to Empyre for all the hard work! Specifically atthe moment thanks to 
Teresa and Therese for the commentson keeping up and options for doing so. I 
think the archivesare a very important tool. The amount of information and 
analysis on culture via the listserv is highly welcome.I've recommended joining 
to colleagues & will go on &
continue to do so.Therese you note how /empyre-
soft-skin space reflects the emergence of technologyand how artists and writers 
use and think through technology./This seems to become truer every day. One of 
my interestsis modernism and Virginia Woolf studies and I was gldto see Google 
Doodles celebrating Woolf's 136th birthday.A first for 2018 as her writings 
continue to be a great
source of inspiration.Good to count her and many other earier writers among 
oure-poets ; )  Thanks and best wishes to all, William
empyre forum

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