This looks very promising and I am interested to try it out. I am currently 
on emsdk 1.36.3 so where should I place ayzim-opt.exe? The only optimizers 
that I see in my build are in emsdk\clang\e1.36.3_64bit where I have 
opt.exe and optimizer.exe. 

I tried to replace optimizer.exe with ayzim-opt.exe and it crashes after a 

On Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 11:09:02 AM UTC+8, Aidan Hobson Sayers 
> Using Ayzim as a drop-in replacement for the Emscripten asm.js native 
> optimizer when compiling an asm.js project of moderate or large size on 
> `-O2` or `-O3` should result in a ~50-75% reduction in memory usage and a 
> ~25-50% speedup when running asm.js native optimizer passes (i.e. most of 
> the "js opts" stage as seen in in EMCC_DEBUG output).
> To get it, download the compiled releases for Linux and Windows from the 
> ayzim releases page <https://github.com/aidanhs/ayzim/releases>, extract 
> them and replace (after backing up!) the existing optimizer(.exe) binary in 
> `emsdk/emscripten/incoming_optimizer_64bit/` (if you're not on `incoming` 
> but still feel brave, take a look at your emscripten config file, usually 
> at `$HOME/.emscripten`, which should point you to the right place).
> --
> Some background: when I was trying to port a large application to asm.js 
> about 6 months ago I had serious problems with the Emscripten asm.js 
> optimizer - it would split the 750MB .js file into chunks and promptly 
> consume all 8GB of my RAM by trying to optimize the chunks in parallel, 
> swapping everything else out of memory and grinding the machine to a halt. 
> I tackled this problem by taking a brief(!) diversion to rewrite the 
> optimizer in Rust to be more memory efficient. Along the way I added a few 
> speedups.
> Ayzim is probably an entry in the "well this might have been useful two 
> years ago" section of software (since asm.js is 'shortly' going to be made 
> redundant by wasm) but someone may find a use for it. For example, people 
> wanting to understand the structure of the Emscripten optimizer ast may 
> want to look at this code 
> <https://github.com/aidanhs/ayzim/blob/0.1.2/src/cashew.rs#L141> and/or 
> ask me since I'm very familiar with it now :)
> In time I may extend Ayzim to support wasm optimizations and move it to 
> being more of a library, but that's for the future.
> Aidan

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