Hello everyone,

I am a bit lost at the moment regarding the correct way to really fully 
strip all symbol information for the final resulting .js plus .wasm library.
In my C++ project I set all the needed flags in cmake for the first 
"compilation from C++ to LLVM bitcode" step, including -O3 
-fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -DNDEBUG, I also try to 
strip symbols on linking.
In the second "compilation from bitcode to WASM" step I also set all the 
related flags that I could find like -O3 --llvm-lto 3 --llvm-opts "['-O3']".

In the resulting .js file however I noticed that there are 
many __GLOBAL__sub_I_ExampleClassNameHere_cpp variables (which are then 
used inside __ATINIT__ for global initialization).
This exposes all the names of my library's classes.
Trying to use the EVAL_CTORS=1 flags doesn't work as it cannot eval some of 
the functions:
DEBUG:root:trying to eval __GLOBAL__I_000101
  ...stopping since could not eval: call import: env.invoke_i

Is there some flag or setting I forgot in either of the compilation steps 
to be able to correctly strip/hide symbols for these remaining global 
initializers and not expose the internals of my original C++ library?
It's ok for all of these to be called but I would like to have 
masked/obfuscated/minified names for them...

Thanks in advance for the help.

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