> Are you specifying a custom binaryen build?

Yikes, no idea how to. All I use is emsdk install/activate, and em++, emcc
and emar from the command line.

A bit of progress with 'install latest' though. I got around the weird SSL
url open error by directly downloading emscripten_blah1.37.35.zip from the
URL and extracting it into the emsdk dir, so I can now at least 'activate
latest' again - hooray! Sort of...

When I build my apps I now get 100001 lines like this during linking I

(data (i32.const 135238) "\8a\00\00....." )

This is some kind of debug output I assume, and has never happened before.
I think. I will now clean every trace of emscripten I can find on my system
and try to install it again from scratch.

Given I apparently can't compile incoming from source any more, is 'latest'
the correct version to be using? Is 'latest' currently 1.37.35?

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