Hi all,

The venue where we're having the GNOME 20th anniversary party has a
big video wall that we can use. Unfortunately we only heard the
technical requirements for this on Friday, and they want us to provide
any video by next Friday (the 21st).

So far the technical requirements are quite vague. They don't seem to
care about format too much, but they do want anything we send to be in
16:9 and as high resolution as possible.

Is anyone here interested in working on the video?

One option might be to simply do a series of stills. We do have our
collection of old screenshots [1], which could be useful here. Also, I
remember that we discussed doing a public call for old
photos/screenshots - did anything come out of that?


[1] https://cloud.gnome.org/index.php/s/oKdQf1v0QtR3pvb?path=%2FScreenshots
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