This is a bit of a rant[^1] but more importantly a call to fix a
problem that appeared recently.

Let me start by commending the engagement team for the work that’s
been done with the targeted events initiative. It is awesome to see
coordination happening around that and how we can be more effective by
making such strategic decisions.

However, İ'm a bit sad about the wiki situation which is a bit of a
mess. The main issue is that we already had the Events namespace and
it is not being updated as part of the initiative. Whenever we do
attend an event listed on the TargetedEvent main page, it should be
added to the Events web page.

* Engagement/TargetedEvents is difficult to get to by browsing links
from the home page (and that is fine). It is a work document and not
something we necessarily need to expose to the outside world more than
it currently is.
* Events is really easy to find (linked to from the Home page) and
serves as our public archive. We should aim to make it comprehensive
and accurate. It serves many purposes, like showing off how active we
were, documenting what we actually did (handy when you write things
such as the annual report) and have a reference for organizing other
events later.

Some time ago there was a huge amount of work to make the wiki tidy
and this reorganization (led by Allan if memory serves me well)
resulted amongst other things in the current form of the Home page.
Let’s try and keep the wiki in a good shape!

We need people to step up and volunteer with the following action items:

ACTION: go through the list of events at
https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TargetedEvents/2017 and make sure
the status (attended, didn’t attend) is accurate
ACTION: go through the list of events at
https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TargetedEvents/2017 and make sure
the ones e attended are reported back to https://wiki.gnome.org/Events
ACTION: for each event of
https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TargetedEvents/2017 that has a
subpage in the TargetedEvents namespace (e.g.
move the page to the Events namespace if appropriate (with wiki
redirection directive)

This isn’t terribly complicated and mostly requires time to do it.
Don’t let things like “I don’t know how to create a redirection” stop
you, people can help you on the engagement channel.


[^1]: well since I finally got my “old fart” sticker at GUADEC, I
guess I’m entitled to it!

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director
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