On 14.10.16 23:53, Datse Multimedia Information wrote:
> Actually that isn't exactly an impertinent question.  It could sound
> like it, because the package format is the same for Firefox as it is
> for Thunderbird, and if you use Firefox to try to download a
> Thunderbird add-on, it has a nasty habit of trying to install it into
> Firefox.  I would say more of an "annoying feature" than a bug, but
> it could explain what happened.

Yes, that will happen when you try to install the Enigmail XPI in a
current (49.0.1) firefox.

But: The package format clearly specifies which Mozilla platforms the
.XPI is compatible with. I consider it a bug of Firefox not to clarify
the platform conformity before checking the presence and validity of the
signature. A good error handling would present the user with the following:

| Hey, I have detected two problems when trying to install the XPI
| (filename):
| 1. It is not compatible with FF xx, but only with TB (version range)
| and SM (version range)
| 2. It is not verified (misses an internal signature by $CA).

That should even fit on a smartphone screen.


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