In the preferences dialog of enigmail 2.0-beta1, the "Transfer Settings"
tab has a button "Initiate Autocrypt Key Transfer".

Autocrypt goes to great pains to avoid exposing users to the term "Key",
so it seems odd to see "Key" paired with "Autocrypt" here, especially
since the tab itself does not have "Key" in its title.

Could this be "Autocrypt Setup Transfer" or "Initiate Autocrypt Setup?
or something like that?

The dialog as a whole is too much text for most users to read, in this
era of short attention spans.  I recommend splitting it into three
simple buttons, something like:

         [ Set up another Autocrypt e-mail app ]  (_What's_Autocrypt?_)

         [ Back up your Enigmail settings ]

         [ Restore Enigmail settings from backup ]

I'm imagining that _What's_Autocrypt?_ would be a link that takes the
user to some explanatory page at .

(obviously, if enigmail is not in a state to be able to initiate an
Autocrypt Setup Message, the first button should be disabled; perhaps
adding a tooltip or a "why is this disabled?" link would be friendly in
that situation)

Maybe with this setup, we can do away with all the rest of the text
in that pane entirely?


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