On 19.02.18 17:40, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> In the preferences dialog of enigmail 2.0-beta1, the "Transfer Settings"
> tab has a button "Initiate Autocrypt Key Transfer".
> Autocrypt goes to great pains to avoid exposing users to the term "Key",
> so it seems odd to see "Key" paired with "Autocrypt" here, especially
> since the tab itself does not have "Key" in its title.>
> Could this be "Autocrypt Setup Transfer" or "Initiate Autocrypt Setup?
> or something like that?

Yes, that's not ideal wording.

> The dialog as a whole is too much text for most users to read, in this
> era of short attention spans.  I recommend splitting it into three
> simple buttons, something like:
>          [ Set up another Autocrypt e-mail app ]  (_What's_Autocrypt?_)
>          [ Back up your Enigmail settings ]
>          [ Restore Enigmail settings from backup ]
> I'm imagining that _What's_Autocrypt?_ would be a link that takes the
> user to some explanatory page at https://autocrypt.org/ .
> (obviously, if enigmail is not in a state to be able to initiate an
> Autocrypt Setup Message, the first button should be disabled; perhaps
> adding a tooltip or a "why is this disabled?" link would be friendly in
> that situation)
> Maybe with this setup, we can do away with all the rest of the text
> in that pane entirely?

Even if I agree, the problem is that we're string-frozen. Some
translators have already completed their work. While we can discuss
whether to use "secret key" or "private key", I can't make adjustments
of this order of magnitude anymore.

I have therefore createed bug 749
<https://sourceforge.net/p/enigmail/bugs/749/> for this.


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