Hi all.

Since adding Google Analytics a while back I have some interesting
statistics that I thought I would share:

1) Very few people read our Stable API documentation - around 0.5% of our
page hits
2) Over 5% of the page hits are already for the beta API documentation
3) Most of the hits to /docs seem to result in a referral to /develop
4) Nearly 40% of people landing on our home page leave right away
5) Terminology is the most popular app (by page hits) and Edi is second
(1/4 times the hits) then ephoto (1/4 again)

Not all of this requires any action but here is the action plan:
1) I am not intending to put any further effort into our legacy API other
than the extraction of eina and eo for the Beta API docs
2) We can expect more people to be trying to use our Beta API - do we need
to prepare for this or should we put up more obvious warnings about
3) I think it is time that the main "Develop" link goes to the /develop/
dokuwiki. The link to phab exists on the /contrib page where it belongs
4) We should find a way to make our home page more appealing - when loaded
on an average monitor you need to be full screen to see anything more than
the "Window manager" section.
5) For our about page we may need to tell a better story about how it all
fits together. Otherwise it's E & EFL and a list of apps - not the how or
why of what we are doing...

Please shout if you disagree with any of these action points :)

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