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> Hi,
> I'm having a problem with elm tooltips... I set the text fine but my use
> case requires that the text be unset in certain conditions (as the hint no
> longer applies).
> Unfortunately I'm facing runtime errors however I do this:
> a) if I pass null as the text I get a null check error
> b) if I try to use the object's clear method it errors if no tooltip was
> set (fair enough but:)
> c) there is no API to determine if a tip had previously been applied.
> Short of keeping a local hash of all tooltips set (lots and lots) I can't
> find a way to solve this.
> Would it be ok to add a _text_unset or remove the null check such that (in
> either way) the tooltip will be removed? (And not error if none was set)
> Thanks all,
> Andy

i would lean to yes - allow NULL as an unset. :) back to holiday stuff! :)

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