> From: Cedric BAIL <cedric.b...@free.fr>

> As for tracking memory leak
> the right tool this day is valgrind. It is going to slow down the
> tracked software quite a lot !
> enlightenment_start -massif -display :1.0

Actually, the slowing wasn't too bad, and it was easier to catch it at
the right moment running it directly this way in my regular X session.
A few days of trial-and-error produced a massif output file with the
run-away memory problem.

> You can open
> that file using massif-visualizer and look at what is constantly
> increasing.

I'm not sure what i'm looking at, but the main culprit seems to be
"e_main.c:1062" with 1.1GiB. Unless i'm reading it backward, in which
case it's something in libX11.so.6.3.0. At the same time, there's a
second 1.0GiB pile of "e_main.c:1062" with
"_ecore_x_event_handle_any_event (in
/usr/local/lib/libecore_x.so.1.16.1)" at the other end of the chain. I
can provide the massif output file (about 240k) if anyone would like
to take a look.


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