On 06/03/18 10:30, Peter Flynn wrote:
> On 05/03/18 23:28, Simon Lees wrote:> On 06/03/18 06:57, Peter Flynn wrote:
>>> Now that my configuration has settled down and I have migrated all my
>>> machines to Mint Cinnamon with Enlightenment, I need a way to replicate
>>> the bryce/luncher setup from my laptop onto all the other machines.
>>> They're all running the exact same versions of everything.
>>> Is there a ready-made way to do this, like copying a config file?
>> Not a simple way, you can take your config and decompile it with vieet
>> then use it as the basis to create a new profile then load that profile
>> into all your computers. 
> That's a pity. I don't want a new profile: I basically want the
> identical profile on each system. As they are all running an identical
> OS with identical applications I had hoped that the data for the
> settings would be transferable.

Yeah so I have one profile I load onto all my machines during first run,
its more flexible then just copying all of .e, because my machines have
different size monitors and a couple have an extra screen, but all using
the same profile means that my keyboard bindings and shelf layout for
the main screen and my list of modules loaded is the same on each machine.


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