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On Mon, 24 Sep 2018 14:31:24 +0200 leoutat...@gmx.fr said:

On 9/24/18 7:41 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
For a bit more info, whats the memory usage after 10 minutes and after
8-12 hrs, it is likely that as you run more programs e needs to use more
memory, so having a couple more data points would be useful.

I only run firefox, thunderbird, terminology and sometimes, pcmanfm.
Resident memory increases hugely from 2 hours.
My efl + enlightenment (Raster is the maintainer) and terminology:
In the same time, enlightenment-git-debug efl-git-debug
terminoly-git-debug are installed.
How can I debug this memory leak?
With valgrind? Which option? Only '-valgrind=4' check leak or
'-valgrind=all' ?

you definitely have a leak. you want massif. so -massif option. then use
massif-visualizer to look at the trace and you'll see it probably going "up and
to the right". select a time point near the right/big end and start digging
through the tree of allocations (most of the mem allocs are near the top).
expand the trees for call traces. that there will begin to give an idea of what
is going on. you also will have learned a new debugging technique :)

valgrind -massif log file is available here https://phab.enlightenment.org/T7410

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