On 9/26/18 12:04 PM, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:

you definitely have a leak. you want massif. so -massif option. then use
massif-visualizer to look at the trace and you'll see it probably going "up
and to the right". select a time point near the right/big end and start
digging through the tree of allocations (most of the mem allocs are near
the top). expand the trees for call traces. that there will begin to give
an idea of what is going on. you also will have learned a new debugging
technique :)

valgrind -massif log file is available here

private paste - but we don't want the log. we want the massif output file.
massif.out maybe or something (i have an alias that produces a specific one
for me). even then i'm not sure i can usefully open it on a different system. i
have never tried. thus massif-visualizer.

My apologize, access paste is public, now. Of course, it's massif output file, 'massif.out', you can get it.
'e-valgrind-massif.log' file has never been created, it's mistake.
Massif created a massif.out automatically.

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