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> On Wed, 26 Sep 2018, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> > tutorial for a beta API that is absolutely not stable yet and is explicitly
> > marked as such. it is changing and not ready for general use. It's
> > available as a kind of preview as well as for developers to give feedback
> > on the API and design and so on. Things like you see are just part of
> > development and happen because it's not a stable "supported" API set at
> > this point.
> Ok, so it is more of alpha there. Never mind.

notice that a lot of this api is already working behind the scenes behind the
"legacy" (current) api. we're doing this  right now:


have been for a few years... :)

> > That's bizarre. how a left and right mouse click would get mixed up. I can't
> > imagine how that might happen inside EFL - it just passes the button # in
> > events up the chain from X. that integer would have to magically change at
> > random for that to happen...
> Yes, it is bizarre, and it has nothing to with enlightenment or efl. Last
> week the desktop got so instable I could no longer use it as my work
> environment, so I decided to clean out my /usr/locale, including efl
> libraries, and install xfce for now. The same symptoms with the mouse buttons
> show up there, so I guess this is some kernel driver or hardware problem.

Aaaaaaahhhh. :)

> > That's buffer age related there. either driver is mis-reporting buffer age
> > or we're totally losing update regions in the buffer "ring" history. I am
> > unsure about the latter being possible, so the only other option might be
> > rectangle math is wrong and just sometimes loses rects when merging
> > multiple frames of update rects... but that also seems unlikely otherwise
> > we'd get odd results for just any update, buffer age or not and lose rects
> > etc. so it leads me to mostly suspect buffer age, but it's hard to prove
> > for sure. literally would have to store every buffer entirely and then
> > before every render compare it against all buffers in the history list to
> > see which one the content matches up with vs the age reported. it's
> > expensive stuff.
> Did I mention that I also have the latest nvidia drivers installed?
> this machine has a nvidia geforce gtx 1060 with nvidia 390.77 drivers.
> This effect does not happen with xfce now.

in enlightenment go to advanced compositor settings under rendering and choose
"invalidate" instead of auto. it'll force full redraws instead of partial
updates that require buffer age to work.

> > there are a few possible options here, but the main would be using the netwm
> > activate request where intellij is asking for an activation and e obliges
> > (that means switching to that desktop, raising that window and focusing
> > it). another option is thatr inellij is just setting focus directly. it
> > could also be a new window being opened up and if e's policy is "focus all
> > new windows" then this might happen - the default is to focus new windows
> > only if a parent of that dialog is focused. it's probably the first though.
> > in the end intellij is probably asking this to happen. can you find a
> > setting to turn this off?
> >
> > in the end we could try workarounds like in remembers/locks allow windows
> > to be on a blacklist to never "activate" if asked by a client or only do it
> > in certain cases (that desktop is active, that screen has mouse on it,
> > etc.) which is a workaround a bad app - we'd have to add features for that,
> > but can be done.
> In a couple of weeks when I have more time I will restart building the
> enlightenment environment from scratch, and see if it goes better with a
> clean build with no locally installed libraries interfering. I hope it will
> solve some of the wierd effects... I will keep in mind looking for the focus
> setting with intellij then.

that tends to be a source of bizarre issues sometimes - multiple versions of
efl, or other dependencies. unclean systems can cause weird side-effects that
frankly will baffle us devs. :)

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