On Sun, 30 Sep 2018, Carsten Haitzler wrote:

Ok, so it is more of alpha there. Never mind.

notice that a lot of this api is already working behind the scenes behind the
"legacy" (current) api. we're doing this  right now:


have been for a few years... :)

Yes, reading my emails again, they may be taken as very critical, but I should 
probably write nore often
that I am really impressed with the works and would like to thank all involved 
for their efforts.

Did I mention that I also have the latest nvidia drivers installed?
this machine has a nvidia geforce gtx 1060 with nvidia 390.77 drivers.
This effect does not happen with xfce now.

in enlightenment go to advanced compositor settings under rendering and choose
"invalidate" instead of auto. it'll force full redraws instead of partial
updates that require buffer age to work.

Ok, I'll report back when I have set it ll up cleanly again.
In a couple of weeks when I have more time I will restart building the
enlightenment environment from scratch, and see if it goes better with a
clean build with no locally installed libraries interfering. I hope it will
solve some of the wierd effects... I will keep in mind looking for the focus
setting with intellij then.

that tends to be a source of bizarre issues sometimes - multiple versions of
efl, or other dependencies. unclean systems can cause weird side-effects that
frankly will baffle us devs. :)

Indeed. The first regular step in fixing something even before switching off 
and switching on again
should be cleaning up the libraries ;-)



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