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> I assume this changes the quality of effects, but I can't tell whether
> enabling should make things faster, or assumes a faster GPU. I also can't
> tell any difference in performance or look :)

All of this requires the theme to support special groups for all of this to
have differing animations. This is good on one side - offers options to users,
but bad for complexity of theme and cost to make one etc.

Given the sheer size of themes these days I am tempted to nuke this feature. It
will reduce theme size and complexity, code as well.

It still can be done simply with themes designed to be "un-fancy" and they can
do no animations. But then un-fancy is bound together with look in a theme. A
this point it requires every theme to implement BOTH fancy/animated groups and
non-animated (fast) ones.

Possibly the right solution here is to tag specific programs (animation
transitions) in edje as "multipliable" and that tag then means edje itself will
multiply the transition time by a factor (and you make that factor 0 to turn
animations off, 0.5 to speed them up by 2x etc.). either way this would nuke
the vast majority of the code and turn it into a single edje call to set this
multiplier and maybe exposing that multiplier as a slider in e's gui... but
that is something for the future - the first step either way would be to remove
what is there.

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