Raster recently made wholesale changes to the menu system that gadget bars
and gadgets use.  In this process several bugs appeared.  The first to be
reported and most notable was that longpress menus were cancelling ongoing
drags - such as dragging a pager window.  I have fixed this now here:

However, it has come to my attention through the reports of others and my
own verification that the config/binding system was broken and all bindings
that previously worked by default with gadget bars and gadgets such as
ctl+mouse wheel to resize, alt+drag to move, etc... no longer work and are
listed as being empty in the bindings configuration.  You will have to go
back in and set these bindings to your preference if you have already
updated E and can't wait for a fix.  Whether or not other bindings or
configurations were affected, I can not be sure.

If you have not updated E - I would recommend waiting to do so until this
sorted out or a fix is put in.  If you have already updated E you can
verify your settings and your bindings and make changes as necessary to get
back on point - or wait for a fix to hit.

The commit in question, for those interested, is here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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