I recently upgraded from EFL 1.20.7 to 1.21.1. At the same time i also
enabled wayland support, however i'm still running Enlightenment under
Xorg. I also ugraded E itself from 0.22.3 to 0.22.4. There were no
other changes to my set up.

Since this upgrade i've been running into this problem: every now and
then, when opening a new window, enlightenment will "freeze". It's not
reproducible as far as i can tell... sometimes E will be running for
days, and suddenly stop when opening up one more window, sometimes it
will freeze the moment i open up the first window afer logging in.

The symptoms are that the mouse cursor still moves, but will not give
focus to any window under it. If i click the mouse button, the cusor
blinks, but nothing else happens. The exception seems to be that the
un-hiding of the IBar at the bottom of my screen still works, as do
the buttons in it, allowing me to at least cleanly log out.

One other thing that does allow me to recover is switching to a text
termial and running:
DISPLAY=:0 enlightenment_remote -restart

However.... this sometimes causes a whole other problem (again, not
reproducible, but about 40% of the time) -- the windows get redrawn
without any content. There is the faint outline of the window itself,
and the top window bar for windows that have one, but the windows
themselves are all empty. Minimizing, resizing the windows has no
effect. I have to guess where the pull-down menus are (which DO get
drawn, if i happen to find them) to exit the programs.

Any clues? :)


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