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> On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 4:39 AM Carsten Haitzler <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> > oh - mouse pointer didn't change e.g. when over chrome? (when things froze).
> > zero changes to pointer? in your previous mail you said the pointer changed
> > when you clicked ... did it still do this?
> The cursor remains the default E cursor, as if the mouse was not
> hovering over any window. When clicking, the outline of the cursor
> blinks with a blue outline, just as it does when clicking on the
> desktop, except no menu appears. This happens no matter which window
> (or the desktop) the cursor is over.
> > nothing that leaps out at me... - try mousing over chrome - does the pointer
> > change?
> Nope, as mentioned above. This is part of the reason i thought it
> looked like no windows were getting focus.

odd but e's pointer is there and does thing when u click - that means e is
getting that mouse click and doing the pointer animations... it's alive.

> > the fact the restart request works means e's event loop is working and
> > processing events. you didn't try the gdb thing i mentioned right?
> No, i'm not sure how to do this:


if you want to attach without there being a crash.. first tell
enlightenment_start to stop monitoring:

killall -USR1 enlightenment_start

then as the above - atach to the enlightenment process (don't send e a SEGV
signal - that'll force an artificial crash)

> > get e attached to gdb
> > and set breakpoints for the buffer swapping. set a breakpoint for
> > eng_outbuf_flush (function name - gdb commant: b eng_outbuf_flush). the best
> > way to do this is ssh in from somewhere else as you will need e to keep
> > running normally without it having screenblacked etc.
> I do have access to a Windows laptop with Putty to ssh in. Should the
> "attach" part happen before or during a freeze-up? And how do i
> actually attach a running E process to gdb and set the breakpoint?
> Thanks,
> -Conrad.
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