We have a very strange problem with Firefox and Xvnc on Linux.

Running Firefox ESR 45.9.0 on Linux with Classic Theme Restorer (1.5.0)
and Classic Toolbar Buttons (1.5.0), everything is fine when used in a
standard Xorg window on the machine running Firefox. BUT, if the same
configuration is started using Xvnc, for remote access to a single
Firefox window (and nothing else, for security), the "classic" menu
segment (File ... Help) displays but isn't clickable, while everything
else works as expected.

This misbehavior occurs no matter if vncviewer is used from Linux or
the TightVNC viewer is used from Windows.

Since a mere text description of the problem is not fully illuminating,
I've posted a screen shot -- with the non-clickable part outlined in
red -- at "http://iment.com/paste-bin/Firefox-CTR-CTB-VNC.jpg";.

I realize that this may well not be a Firefox bug, but it might be a
bug in the CTR or CTB add-ons, or even in Xvnc (which is known to have
issues with text copy and paste). Still, perhaps someone has observed a
problem like this. Or perhaps someone knows what is different about the
way the "classic" menu items are sent to an X server such that they
alone become non-clickable when Xvnc is used rather than Xorg.

Any help in tracking this down would be appreciated.

Paul Kosinski

P.S. ""http://iment.com/paste-bin/"; is not a public "paste bin"
service, but is only for our use in situations like this.
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